Friday, December 3, 2010

Trip to Malacca


*at K5 Station*
from left; pqah, fema, ina, me!

*Dunia dah terbalik. Laki lebih suka gosippp~*

Ina [the perfect nurse!] & me [the cute doctor InsyaAllah]

*nak tunjuk kete baru pqah yg wana pink sbenarnye!*

The interior design were a bit less-boring.

"Hi, my name is Momo!"

"Look how cute, big and chubby am I~~~~", said Momo.

I was forced by Cik Yatie to wear this inner. Weird on me aite?

Breakfast with friends.

*walopon mee tu kosong je, makan jugakla..dah nama pun lapa.*

With Cik-Yatie-Sells-Shawl early in the morning.

I love those light effects!

Friendship forever~!!!!!!!
We basically met each other in year 2000.
And now it's the end of 2010.

Guess how do we look when we were younger???

*Sbenarnya tak pilih warna sama pun bola tuh. Accidental finding jer~! :P*


Love you sweeties~!!!!!! Muahxxx!!!!!!