Saturday, February 26, 2011

Totally into him!

From inside Stadium Melawati last night. Try to grab the opportunity to take a picture of Maher Zain, appears that my camera are not so fantastic as DSLR.. So, yeah, a disappointment! :(

I still can't believe I've got free tickets to the most amazing and talented international artist in this modern days!

Last night...I went to.....Maher Zain concerto! weeeeeeeee~! O.M.G~! Who would expect for a free ticket aite? hehe.. He was amazingly awesome! owh and his friends were great too. Suara derang ni....ya ampun.............sangat2 merdu oke! Anyway, tak boleh nak cite banyak coz Ibu dah call banyak kali ni, "Bileeerrr nak balik?????" So, I'd better go now! :) Thank you Maher Zain for the most beautiful night ever!
I'm totally into you *yikes!*