Thursday, August 11, 2011

Acheh Day 4

Before we left, there's an incredible incident that night..

This was taken by our camera in front of Pak Rs' house. There's a fullmoon..beneath it, there was a cloud in wave-shape and just below it there's another cloud wrote Allah in Arabic. Did you see it? Subhanallah..amazing..

We woke up fresh and eager to look forward for another day of journey in Acheh.

Teddy bear Zahir mengamuk early in the morning..duh.

At Pak Rs' house before we left.

With Ibuk before she headed to work.

We went to the Pasentren, to visit the students in their respective classes.

Each morning, they started off school with salawat.

With our dorm mates.

With students from our respective classes. I've in charge for the senior class.

Thank you to the whole school for a great hospitality. And to Pak R and family, thank you very much. InsyaALLAH, we'll come again soon.

We were then divided into 2 groups. We went back via FireFly and departed to Penang. Others, to Kuala Lumpur.

Penang, here we come!

I had a great flight at first but unfortunately, I get dizzy and nauseous on the way back. Stewardess was kind and gave me paracetamol to reduce my symptoms. In fact, I slept through the flight..huh, tiring but an amazing journey to Acheh has ended. We left a piece of our hearts in Acheh.