Monday, August 16, 2010

dear beloved brother..

When you're reading this, please make sure Mom doesn't know bout this.. hehe :) oi akak dah baca kot blog u bro.. hehe sweet. i never thought u have been keeping that 'keinginan' of yours a secret. [another secret eyh?] hehe anyway, just want you to know, sorry that i don't end up making tons of delicious food like before [yg mcm2 recepi akak tulis dlm previous blog tuh]. It's just sebab time constraint. well, kalo tak mmg akak nak buat mcm2 pon utk u bro. hehe.. sbb akak busy je ni tak sempat do everything. but i'll make sure everytime akak balik weekend i'll bake something for you slagi bro kat mesia lagi ni. kang kat Mesir, takde air tangan akak pon tau? hehe.. so sorry again. this is how doctors life will be one day. sometimes, i've been thinking, kalau la husband akak bukan doctor, boleh ke dia trima kerjaya akak yg busy ni kan? mungkin tak balik umah pon malam. there's just so many things bermain dlm otak ni haa.. what if~~ what if~~ what if~~ [sometimes its easier to live alone kan?] hehe.. but don't worry, sebusy-busy akak pon, i'll never forget bout my beloved brothers. i'll take care of you and i'll be there for you whenever or where ever i am. [OR who i am with :P] just don't hesitate to ask me favors! [lepas settle prob, sila blanja akak ais krim oke?] hehehe.. anyway, that's it for now. akak macho loves u bro.. hehe [and thanks slalu ckp akak lawa :P] ---blushing--

owh and yes, :)


aat @ paat said...

I undrstnd dat...
tqvm... (^______________^)