Wednesday, March 9, 2011

so-called "hari perempuan"

Assamualaikum~! Tak jawab dosa, jawab sayaaaaaaan-g!
How are you? I'm feeling a little old but vogue. haha. Miss me?
*wink wink*

Soooo sorry for not updating this beautiful blog. Sibuk be oi~! Bukan stakat study and famili [seriusly jadi anak pertama is sometimes a disaster!] jerr.. Ni kene berjihad di bawah bumbung college ni yg dok bingung kpala. Seriously, bad people do bad things without thinking the consequences! Yup dear Mr. President, I learn from you. Well, you and konco2 you. But, I'm pretending to be cool cause you absolutely have like...less than 48 hours to act? Ops, after that, talk to our lawyers ye? Owh, rasa macam cool cakap macam tu. haha.

Anyway, thumbs up colleagues! Because of you guys, I gain NEW life experience.
Oke, chill lah. I tak nak emo2 pun. Saje nak release tensi skek.

Chill keyh?

Anyway, after the "D-DAY", which is womens' day [thanks to those who wish me], we had a nice some sort of picnic in front of Palace of Justice. It was a windy night, with pizza and fried chicken, we celebrated 3 most amazing ladies in our batch [sama umur tak? jeng jeng jeng!]. hehe. It was a great gathering..giler dah lama tak gather like a big group oke. Even though, tak semua ada, but I enjoyed!

Owh, tak lupa juga 'mamat blakang tabir' - si Abe. Takut sangat masuk dlm gambar. Bini tak marah nye kar ramai2 ni. huhu. Habis nanti Abe dah kahwin, takle arrr kuar di bawah sinaran lampu minyak tanah ngan kitorang lagi? keke! ~~~siannn~~~ :P

Kat obersea college student picnic camni siang2, kat Mesia, picnic malam2 la. Kalau siang, hah terbakar la gitu dehh~!

Birthday ladies; Shawa, Roi, Naddy!
Awesome friends..luv yah!

To Naddy, stay happy okey? You wanna be hotty, you gotta be happy! [hahhaa freaking pelik okeh peribahasa ni! kekeke~] Nah, amik your new motto. Just create it like...less than 2 seconds ago. ngahaaa~~

Me & Nawal. To our stalker, Miss-whoever-you-are, "karma kan? The wheels turn bebeh!" *keching!* kekeke..sorry, just have to let it out jugak. I dah lama pendam nak cakap macam tu. [waited so long for a green light from Nawal] hehe~ Whatever it is, please enjoy your Womens' Day lady..

Good news, I got Delliloh! [my sweet new little lappy] Hiro sudah dihantar pulang ke rumah, kene admit ward for several weeks - Palliative care. hehe. Just playing with my Delliloh webcam..

Boleh tahan jugak kualiti gambar Delliloh ni..not bad~~i loike!
Anyway, Raya lama lagi, tapi mehla beli sariiiiiiiiiii~! hehe.. :P Murah and berkualiti oke. Dijamin halal!