Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cry baby or cry granny?

Who said that it is not good to cry? [was it me?] Nope, tell you the truth la kan, I'm a crier! But I don't show it to others. [DUHHHHHH~ didn't I?] Well, not in front of my brothers I guess. hahahaa~! :P

People cry not to seek attention. Kadang-kadang it's how they release their tension. Betul tak girls? Ada tak masa yang korang rasa semua mende tak betul. Rasa nak nangis je. Malam2 peluk bantal tutup lampu sooooorbb...sooooorbb... [Don't lie laaa, I know beb] hahaha~ Then, keesokkan harinya, lepas masuk toilet.. "o'oooo...sape ada 'pampers' lebih?" ngeh3~ yup hormonal imbalance was one of the cause woman cry a lot! Well yes, it's definitely from experienced~! hahahahahaha~

Talking about crying, this morning during my bedside teaching we were asked to demonstrate physical examination on a 68 year old woman [admitted due to motor vehicle accident and had sustained tibial fracture]. She was so scared when specialist said that she will be needed to undergo a surgery for internal fixation insertion. Lalu, makcik ni pun menangis sambil berkata, "Makcik bukan apa doktor, makcik dah tua-tua ni, tak larat dah. Nak buat operation takut doktor. Dahla Ibu tunggal, anak ramai. Bila disuruh buat operation, anak2 semua setuju jer. Makcik yang takut ni sebab makcik yang kene alami operation tu. Nape sorang pun tak dengar apa yang makcik cakap? Nape takde sape yang sokong cakap makcik?". She continues to cry. Saya sebenarnya tak boleh tengok orang tua menangis. Rasa macam sedihnya la. Sayu hati ni. Rasa nak je duduk sebelah makcik tu, peluk dia and nasihat betul2. Sometimes, they don't need you to decide, they need you to listen and convince them for the better option. So, they themselves could decide. Besides, psychologically, being a good listener does help people from suicide attempt. Trust me. :)