Monday, April 18, 2011

Finishing School Dinner

At first we were not enthusiasm towards this programme.. It's a 3 day programme! Not the dinner..the grooming, forums and practicals and communications and financial.. bla bla bla.. It takes a weekend away from us [which we could use for family gathering].
But, as we got through it together as a batch, we managed to complete this programme without any problem. Just a little bit of miscommunication..but, no hal la. Chill je. That's why I love my batch the most!!!!! We are one.

Decorating the dining hall was not as tough as my job last year [decorating for annual batch dinner - which turns out a blast!]. This time, it's more relaxing and simple. Sampai myself pun jadi a walking krismas tree. haha.

meet Yuna Sarawak..with the most amazing voice among the best vocalist in college!!!!

meet the "Needles & Syringe" band from our batch. What a doctor-musicians talent!

I had a great night with my colleagues. Thank you girls & guys! You were all awesome.. Well, good luck with your new postings tomorrow! Nitty nite~!!!! :)