Monday, November 22, 2010

Way TOO Skinny?

I've been thinking and re-think and thinking while re-think, since lately people started to comment about me. On how I actually look TOOOOOO skinny, which I defined as not healthy and not hug-gable~ *screw me!*
...poor hubby...
I'm not THAT anorexic-looking-Anne-ANTM right?

Dari kecik kot badan macam nih *LIAR!*
I once a little chubby and so-called "berisi" when I'm 15th?
i think.
But seriously, now I kinda eat chocs every day.
Like literally ONE WHOLE chocolate bar. Seriously. No, I'm not joking~!
Lately, having to say, there are soooo many things on my mind. I got stress up a bit.
But, still enjoying my Internal Medicine posting. And I end up sleeping with chocolates.
Still, I maintained my weight.
Just a little weird when people asked, "Apsal bertambah kurus sangat ni??"
*they have this u-look-sick-looking-face*
No, I'm not sick. Well, I am. But, I feel fine!

Comparing to dearie Kak Lin, she's wayyyy skinnier than me okay!
haha *tetibe Kak Lin jadi glamour*
So, please trust me. I ate a lot. Sometimes.
I screw desserts a lot. Always.
*Please don't pair me up with Diabetes Mellitus God*

Well, I'm proud of myself.
Being kinda skinny.
[Not smoking. Not 'weed'-ing.]
But luckily tall enough.
And can still eat with passion~
Thank God.
Truth is, I don't really care what people say.


aat @ paat said...

Lek ar kak.. our families were meant to be skinny le..
tgk at & mad..
at da byk kali da org ckp at skinny...

hey at least u hav da look rite??

mawarsariamani said...


Anonymous said...

hello2..zaraa..mana pegi blog yg dulu tu? da x jumpe da
ni baru tejumpa blog ni..
hehe.. long as you feel comfortable, ok la badan cenggitu pon

mawarsariamani said...

@ kak zack: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lama tak jumpa!!!!! hehehe.. sori, blog lama dah delete.. :( welcome to my new blog sweety