Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Wish For All

Happy Eid Ul Adha to all Muslims...
especially to my special ones! :)
To my beloved handsome one who spends his time studying in Mesir, may God bless you..
I've been a little curious about how does the celebration there differs from the way we celebrate here..
Must be huge right?
*best tak makanan kat sana? :P*
and of course we miss u! Hugs & Kisses!!
*A'at sembelih lembu jugak kah there?*
Owh, this pashmina is a gift from my other handsome brother..
Thank you sweetheart! :)
Does this pashmina suits me? Hopefully..cause Dad said I look pretty in it. *blushing!*
Anyway, I'll be having my sort-of pro-2 mock exam this Saturday.
Wish me luck okay sweeties???
I'll do my best!
Aja Aja Fighting~!!!~!!!


aat @ paat said...

wah2~~ nice2 tudung..
xtau lak akak mnat tudung gituh..

nway,raye haji kt sinie bez jek..
blum ade ksempatan nk smbelih lg.. maybe next time kot.. huhu~~