Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought I feel nothing.

Some of us really really need some space..after a broken heart. Not that I said I don't managed to recover..but, not that fast. It hurts at first, but as time passes by, made myself busy and living like no one knows, it doesn't feel as hurtful as it was in the first place. It's hard. But, luckily I made it. Just last night, I was oncall, when I found an invitation card for a wedding. The groom name was the same, even the 'Bin to-' pun sama. Then, I saw those address, well, nearby his and hers. I was crush for a moment. Terduduk! Think I was asystole for a moment. Stop breathing. Even though, tuh sebenarnya orang lain kan. For a moment, I thought "Haven't I get over it yet?". I thought I'm fine..I thought I've moved on. Am I lying to myself? I take a long road to be here.. It's a long ride.. I don't want myself to 'drown' again. Selfish me. So, I walk and walk. "I learn to live, half alive.." As I'm walking, ada je incident yang seakan-akan menyebabkan jantung hampir pecah. Owh..there's so much to say, but I can't put it into words. So, if you've heard this song, the lyrics really tells about me. About my feelings [most of it]. Tiada kaitan samada yang hidup atau yang meninggal yer. I guess this is how I expressed myself. Through songs. I don't meant to hurt anyone..but I do this for myself. So, lets enjoy this song.. :)