Saturday, February 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good day! weeeee~~
Sorry to keep you waiting! :)
Hello lovely readers! Looking fineeeee~~~ How are yall doing?
So, good news first.

After consuming a lot of time and kechinggg$$$$, I now present to you our new brand:

Click me, anciaalola and support me, anciaalola

Sorry for our customers, but the previous blog was 'damage' under certain circumstances! So, I guess this is a comeback! Well, hope you'll love it. The products were all new, just imported from India and Indonesia just a few days ago. So far, we have Indian sarees [which can be wore as a saree itself or baju kurung, or dress], sampin melayu [especially for guys], and selendang [most likely to be blink~blink~]. Make your order ASAP while stock last. Thank you again!

xoxo hugs & kisses from Anciaalola!


Anonymous said...

waaaa....doc pun nk berniaga???????mantap seyhh...hahaha

mawarsariamani said...

All rounded seyhh.. its a dream come true! :P