Monday, May 9, 2011

Raden Galoh get engaged!

I remembered our Hang Tuah theatre when we were in Form 4. She became one of the top Raden during the oldies. She's Moon, my dearest lovely colleague. Yesterday, I went to Moons' engagement ceremony. Alhamdullillah, everything turns out good.

Beautiful aite? Guess who's her charming Mak Andam? ..hehe.. That would be Yatie and me. First time jadi mak andam oke. Thank God, she looks gorgeous that day. The day was absolutely magical. And sebak oke! *tssskkkk tahan airmata*. There's tears everywhere during the ceremony. Tears of happiness of course! She made a suprised sing-along-song for mothers day. Thanks for the little angels of hers, Sarah & her double gang-er.

We had a great time being 'dayangs'. haha. Cume tak mandikan Moon je. :P I wonder how it feels like to be in the middle attention that day. But, Moon looks cool je. Chill. Good. I was the one yang menggigil Moon! grrrrrr~

Our photographer, Maslina was amazing. She did so well and she didn't even finish her food just for the sake of taking the whole lot of pictures. But, we do shifts. hehe.. You know me, when I got my hand on DSLR, I wouldn't stop. hehe.

To my dearest Moon, may Allah bless the day and upcoming wedding ceremony of yours & Shazif. My do'a will always be you :') congrats again and again..through all the tough journey, Alhamdulillah, your wish come true. You've made it dear! So, smile and be happy ..lurve u pretty..