Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a mixed feeling!

In memories of my great grandmother..we miss u..a lot. Al-Fatihah.

Syukur Alhamdulillah..
I'm officially not a medical student anymore.
Should I be happy? Or should I be afraid of the world out there?
Should I be sad being separated from my colleagues?

Should I be anxious..well, being a houseman isn't THAT easy..
For God sake, people do commit suicide due to THAT. ergh, scary.
Please God, let all my specialist be as kind and good in teaching and guide me to become a better doctor in future...amin...

But, whatever it is, I'm bless with all the support I got from my beloved parents..
If they are not here to support and pray for my success, I won't be Dr. Zahraa.
For all the encouraging words when I feel like quiting my studies..
For all the hard works to pay my tuition fees..
For EVERYTHING lah! :)

To my grandparents..
Nenek & Atok - Thank u for taking care of me through my first 3 years of life.
You fed me well! :)
Embah - Been there for me every single step..thank u so much.. :)

I'm thankful to my brothers help..if they aren't home, I won't be able to practise all my physical examination. Thanks bro kasi pinjam your 6 packs! haha. (haa..kembang semangkuk la budak2 ni)

Thanks to my colleagues, who's been there to help me through my studies, Haz & KI & Kak Paa.
They've been my discussion colleagues since Pro-2 exam pun lagi..hehe..
Mereka-reka all sort of crazy mnemonics to memorized..(last2 tak ingat jugak)
For being kind to me, belanja makan (hang habak ja menda apa yg za xmkn lg).
For giving me advice on every single thing..being there when I feel like fail-ing.
I pray that both of you (Haz & Ki) to be married couple SOON! AMIN....
As for you, Kak Paa, of course you'll be married to Shah SOON jugak!

As for my other colleagues;
Abe - :)
Nawal - Thanks gurl.. for everything!!!! muash!!
Kak Sarah - stay a hot singer oke? hehe..
Alin - bile nak karok bawak lagu Beyonce ni beb? hehehe..
Wani - sila lupakan abang bertuala sbelah rumah tu. :P
Kak Lin - lepas ni takleh peluk za ke bila za sedih? huhu..
and to all my friends who supported me through this WAR-ship..5 years of hard.. :')
but we made it colleagues..we made it..!

and not forgotten...
yes...thanks to you... :)


faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

zaa..tq! terharu ok! cuti 3 bln ni ko gi la jd model sambilan...make sure kalau ade gmbr kuar kat mane2 magazine, bgtau akak ye =)

mawarsariamani said...

hahaha.. model nak makan tido makan tido je cuti ni. hahaha :P