Monday, June 21, 2010

Greys' Anatomy Season 6

Dear Diary,

As you know, I'm a BIG but skinny fan of greys anatomy. So, I've just finished Season 6 episode 23 and I end up crying! Yup, I'm a cry baby. It was really sad, and everyone is in a mess! Derek got shot, Meredith had a miscarriage, Owen got shot, Karev got shot, and there's sooooo much drama going on in just a day! Thank God Derek didn't die. So, he can still take care of Meredith. I can't see Yang cry. Cause it really breaks my heart. In this episode, Meredith saves Owen for Yang, while Yang saves Derek for Meredith. Now that's what you called the meaning of friendship. Thank God, I have a lot of friends by my side who cares about me more than I myself do. The ones who stab you on your back - we never classified them as either friends or enemy. They're everything in between. You should watch it Diary! I bet you're gonna cry like the rain never stops. Tomorrow, I've my posting clinical exam Diary. Please pray the best for me ok? Hope to do well this time compared to the old ones.

Owh and yes, :)