Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Congrats and Congrats!

First of all, congrats to me & Nawal!
For all the hard work cause....

All our Saree from India has SOLD out! yeayy!
For an amateur businesswomen, we're proud of ourselves.
We wanted so much to move on with new products.
However, our professional exam is just around the corner so we have to stop our business for a while. Take a break.
We'll keep hunting for new and beautiful products in the future.
Well, my Dad once said, "Ayah tak sangka ada jugak anak Ayah yang minat and ikut bidang Ayah."
He was smiling like a thousand mile! hehe..
Hopefully I've make him proud even a bit.
And he actually teaches me a lot about business now.
He is a great businessman! [Dad, please give me a forehead kiss now :P]

And to my beloved beautiful ex-high school mate, Yatie.
Congrats for your convocation day last weekend!
Feels like we just enter form 1 in SEMESTA yesterday.
I'm trillion-ly proud of you!
Congrats again and good luck in your Master course girl.

Owh, when will it be my convo day?? *tskk*