Sunday, October 17, 2010


My professional exam is just around the corner.
I'm still holding on.

But something came up.
No matter how great my smile looks like, there's always a problem.
I'm sick. And I need a surgery.
However, I'm obviously scared, nervous and worry.
What if I never wake up after the surgery?
Does it affects my studies?
I'm feeling a little lost, no confidence.
Is this how it feels like to be a patient?
Just wish it could vanish or disappear.
I'm a dream girl, so I'm here, lying on bed, wishing for a miracle to happen.
*teary, frighten eyes*


aat @ paat said...

nice pix btw..

erm,don't think about dat..
better 2 make da surgery now b4 it's too late..
coz ur on ur final year of studies now..
I'll pray da bez 4 u surely...
n Allah neva let His servant barely alone without His consent..
Allah loves u,He know what's the miracle hidden behind something misery..

Keep prayin until the end of our lives..

Allahu Yukhollik liya..
means may Allah take care of u for me.. coz I'm not around u 2 lend me my shoulder..
Juz I'm always hoping dat my Lord will give da very bez 2 da people dat I love..