Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Preparation

"Salam dear Ayah and Ibu,
Tomorrow will be a big day for me!
[and a week onwards]
I'm still preparing myself for this war with notes and zikrullah.
But, I know to complete it, I need both of your blessing and prayers..
Especially a mothers' prayer :)
Za mintak ampun banyak2 since anak perempuan ayah ni degil sket!
Halalkan makan minum sume walopun asek kene sound makan sikit je.
Fine ayah, Za tak makan sarapan lagi ni.
[See, i know whats in your mind daddy!]
and ive ate the medications Ibu..
[Cume, semalam terlupa je :P]
So, wish me luck!
Love both of you double triple much!!
Hugs & kisses!!

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