Monday, December 13, 2010


Fine, I'm still in denial. Knowing I'm 23rd already makes me a little nervous.
How fast time passes right? I wonder what happen tomorrow.
But for now, I'm happy with what I'm doing [studying like crazy!], who I'm with [i.e. people around me - family etc.], and what I've achieved so far...
I mean, being myself out there wasn't easy. Some does accept me as a whole, however some doesn't. But, what the heck la kan? I don't really care. As long as I'm doing perfectly well till now, others just doesn't matter at all.

So, this year, my Dad remember my birthday! Thank God.. :) thank u Daddy..
With Mom, Dad, Mamat, Ayun & Razi beside me, we ate this delicious cake together!
yum yummm~~

Owh and yes, My friends did a little birthday suprised party at Botanical Garden at Putrajaya.
I did not expect that [truly from my heart girls].. :) ..
Came there, truly confused, when suddenly, HELIUM BALLOONS!!!!!!!!
owh my Dior/Chanel/Damon (huh?), I was jumping like no one around~!
Owh, I've always wanted helium balloons since I was a kid!
It's gorgeous, cute and colorful! Yeayyyy sooo happy!

One of them bakes this macaroni with mashed potato on top.
Heavenly delicious! *serius sedap okay Haz! Thanks again sweety..*

Initially, that was so-called my birthday cake.
But, I don't really care cause I L.O.V.E anything with chocolate flavor.
duh~must check my blood sugar level ASAP!

When suddenly, they sang me birthday song and someone brought a beautiful fruity cake from behind! Abe! haha~ I was like......"They surely spends a lot for me"
*tetibe terharu~ sob..sob..*

Then I jadi kedekut, taknak bagi orang lain makan. Boleh tak?

Nawal muka merajuk dengan Abe [what? people have crisis everywhere laaa] hehe :P
Ops, picture Nawal tak sempat posing!
Never mind, scroll downwards please..................

Yup yup, pose!
*Okay tak Nawal gambar ni?*
hehe :P

*from left; Nawal, Alin, Kak Lin, Haz, Cik Nab, Paiz, Abe, Ki*

Friends that did a lot for me
loving u all!
Thank you a lot korang!! Hugs and kisses!!

Owh, party doesn't stops there..
I've been carelessly cleaning up our foods when ... "SPLAAAAAAKKK"
There goes your hands kan rerakan? Gatal.
Cream all over my face..yup yup, I don't think I need face mask for a month or more after this..

One word, "HELP"

People were staring like "apekah budak2 ni buat yek?".
haih, takpun, "cantik bedak tepek2 budak pempuan tu"

Main kejar2~ hahaha :P
Important thing is, I TAK PANCIT okay :P

Looking for...........................................mangsa!

Then, tired la kan? TAK PANCIT okey..penat je. huhu
Haz help me with cleaning all those creams..

Focusing on cleaning..
*lama gile?*

Another big one!
All I could think CLOROX.
*tudung putih okeyyyyyy*

My beloved housemates...
From left, Alin, me, Haz, Nawal.
You girls rock my world okay!
Thank you soooo much for the was WORTH IT!
*Cause I dah lama tak guna Clorox kat rumah tu*

That night, I sleep with my birthday balloons.
Such a happy day!
God bless you all..

"Akak, Razi pilih ni untuk Akak", my sweet little brother told me. Excitedly.

Cik Nab made this for seriously, she literally knit that cute little love-love for me..
How amazing her hand made gift!
You are sooooo talented Darling! :)

My aunt did this for me in facebook..
Thank you soooo much...

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone of you that wishes me this year!
Unbelievable - banyak gile. Tak terdaya nak balas..
Thank you so much for your Doa tooo!
Wish me luck in my Professional exam 2 this coming 24th Dec okay?
Hugs & kisses XOXO~!!!! :)


Iz said...

Happy birthday sayang.. semoga happy selalu, dan cantik selalu :))

mawarsariamani said...

thank you sweetyyyy..... muahhhhssss!