Friday, September 9, 2011

To Bumblebee..

To my dearest Bumblebee who loves to drink bubbletea..

You're having a hard time right now..yes, I know..big exams..I've been there dear. Counting the days, reading through pages, memorizing short notes and wish upon a star that I could have the perfect photographic memory..
OSCE gave me chills and rigors..hoping that the specialist would stop questioning me.
I had gone through every single step that you are going through right now..
and I know, sometimes you feel like giving up, hopeless, unsure of the results we'll get..
but I'd say, continue your effort, try the best you can and always pray to Him..

"If God answers ur prayer, He increases ur faith. If delays, He increases ur patience. If didn't, He knows u can handle it"

So never stop praying and hoping and trying..He will always hear u..and I'll be beside you till the end. I know you're scared, nervous, loss of appetite (this one doesn't really apply to u B! :P), but InsyaAllah you'll pass with flying colors. I pray. Don't be too scared because specialist are most probably same as Ayah. hahaha. You were so braved that day when you come and visit him all alone kan? It's your first time meeting my parents, and you made it! When others don't really dare to even see him. So, don't tell me you're scared now, cause I don't actually believe that now..hehehe.. Okay? Feeling good already?

And, if .. lets say .. you pass ..I would probably buy you this;

Looks delicious right? (Tuhla..sape suh makan choki2 sorang2..huhu)



niNiE said...

B? 'Kebahagiaan dlm p'pisahan' tu ke? Ahaks...