Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hijab: Modified Qatari Style

People are starting to take shawls seriously but that doesn't mean you can't create something simple-effortless-stunning style with 'tudung bawal' or other square-shape scarf. Old fashion scarf can be as high fashion as other hijab nowadays! So, chill la kalau you girls rasa "owh, everyone is looking good in their new shawls..but, not me with my old tak-bertukar2 punya tudung ni." Na'aaaaaa~! No more doubts girls. You just have to wear it differently. And not sedaya-upaya kumpul duit beli shawl baru just to look like others. Trust me. I still wear whatever I wore 9 years ago for any occasions. haha. So, grab your form 1 scarf, and work it out! I'm sure your colleagues would ask you, "Tudung baru ke??" Please jangan rasa diri anda tak menarik. Tak bestla muda-muda dah rasa cam hopeless kan? I'm just sharing something to boost your self confidence girls..or adik2..hehe. No offence ye? :)

owh nak muntah tgk muka sendiri. sorry for the annoying face lah eyh. haha.


Zaujah Miqdad said...

nice la dear:)

mawarsariamani said...

thank u sweety..

Sha said...

can u pls teach me how to wear like that? really apprecited. thx

mawarsariamani said...

InsyaAllah sweety.. :)

heartshapeplusme said...

qatari style. i love it.

da try and it's nice.

org yg xpernah tgk, rase pelik. biar lah dorg tu.


heartshapeplusme said...

Qatari Style Hijab

da try n it's nice, love it. =)