Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday morning

Dear Diary,

So sorry. I haven't wrote to you soon. I've been very busy lately with my studies. Well, since I'm just a step away from being call a doctor so I must be serious this time. It's just like SPM kinda concentration. Difference is that now I have to handle it alone. Well, not quite alone cause I still have my friends eventough they themselves is quite stress out. It's just a week since we started final year, but I realized there's still so many things I don't know. I know it's somewhere in my brain, but I couldn't reach out for it. Whenever Prof asked me questions, I still experienced thought block. I mean, it's not how a final year student should be. Final year students should have everything well prepared. It's been a little rough so far. However, I'm not the girl who give up things so easy. I'm not the old innocent-me. I have to change. I don't wanna be good and gentle anymore. I wanna be great and fierce. Auuuuummmmm~!!! haha~ Whenever I do that, it still sounds like a kitten. haha~ Anyway, I'll be having my psychiatry clinical examination on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully I did well this time.

I have this problem in my last clinical examination when I can't elicit something in front of the specialist when actually the patient lied. They tend to answer everything that I asked for in the first place [when the specialist was not around]. But, it ended up to be a whole different history [when specialist was there]. I've been trying to forgive this patient for quite some time. I still remember how she smirk at me during the examination. Owh, that was just GREAT. Well, whatever~ You wanted so much to fooled me around, go ahead. haha~ Hopefully this time, the patient for my exam is better and reliable.

I went to visit Koko Yem [anak buah a friend of mine, Haz] who'd been into accident a few days ago. Luckily, he had been transferred from NICU to child ward. So, it's easier for us to see. I'm a little sad when I see all the bruises on his body. We had been playmates for a long time [well, whenever I go to Haz house la]. He is such a cute boy with eyes as big as mine! When I see him lying down in ward, it triggers a feeling. How I wish you're smiling when I came. However, I'm glad that his health is improving. Before I went off, I had the chance to kiss him. God, please get him well soon.

Owh Diary, I'm hungry! The last time I ate was a quarter of nasi goreng yesterday morning. I need to feed myself as soon as possible before I become a 'tenggiling' again this time. Owh another thing, I've just finished watching season 1 Vampire Diaries~! It was fascinating! The heroes aspecially Damon Salvatore [the HOT one] was the best part. [for me!] haha~ He-had-me-drooling kinda thing!

So, thank you Diary for listening to my thoughts today. I'll be back soon.

Owh and yes, :)