Sunday, December 19, 2010

My BF Singing :P

Counting the days........owh wait........FIVE days LEFT to the big day!
okay, I'm panic!
There's sooooooo many things I still don't study.
Still have a lot of reading to do!
*serabutnya jiwa*
We've been preparing like from terbitnya matahari-terbenamnya matahari everyday!
Be back home late, speaking of late, I've been sleeping early [like earlier than I used to].
Is it enough? Is it???
The more I read, the more I don't know.
God, just please stop my heart from this tantrum of palpitations.
To calm myself down, I either eat a lot or listen to my boyfriend [see, I'm halfway crazy!] singing...........
[Seriously, I love this song!]

*Asma Allah by Sami Yusuf *

I once berangan konon2 masa kahwin nanti, nak masuk dewan sambil lagu ni berkumandang, sambil pegang tangan my hubby [in my white dress of course] walking while staring at each other [pandangan we-were-meant-for-each-other-kan-bang?] , smiling and everyone will stare at us [budget macam angels laaaaa] huhu..

Daydreaming lagi!

Just feels so scared now.
Will I made it through this Pro 2-exam?