Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Day Today

This is so hard.
Hari berganti hari, soalan semakin susah.
*teary eyes*
Will I pass?
Tuhan, kuatkan semangatku..
Please don't make me stop fighting.
Walau menggigil mana pun tangan ni.
By the end of my 3rd paper today, I was just so exhausted.
I did the best I can.
But I still wonder, will that be enough?
Am I good enough to be a good doctor?

when I feel like 'falling down' and 'scared', someone remind me,
"Kalau takut, jangan sebut tentang perjuangan.."
So, I never stop trying.
Even how rough the road would be.
Please lend me your strength for another 2 days of exam.
Thank you..