Monday, January 17, 2011

1st day in school

I remembered my first day in kindergarden, punya tak nak pergi skolah, sanggup mengangis giler2, Ibu dok tarik tangan kaki masuk kereta tapi tak berjaya. haha. I grab an opportunity when the car door was still opened and run as fast as I can. Really. That's me. haha.

My first day in primary school goes well because the school gave us free ice cream! haha. That was when I entered a Chinese Primary school in Hulu Langat. First day in standard 4 at SK Raja Muda Shah Alam was awesome! Cause my friends are so cool! haha.

My first day in secondary boarding school, i cried. ops. But seriously, I cried my heart out before I felt asleep. Second day, I got a forehead goodnight kiss from my so-called 'kakak angkat'. Sweet kan? haha.

My first day in Matriculation in Londang, I miss my boyfriend. haha. Ditinggalkan kerana melanjutkan pelajaran di perantauan. auuuwww. By second day, I was laughing like mad cause my new friends are 'crazier' than I thought. haha. Owh, miss 'em!

My first day in Cyberjaya university, I wonder when will this 5 year course end?

My first day in my last semester [like finally being the most senior in the university], I prefer to stay in school rather than working. haha. Initially, I was a little down when I saw the grouping list. My geng dah berpecah belah kot. Tak pernah nak dapat segroup dengan si Nawal sengal tu. So, I thought, "memang ditakdirkan bersendirian dari dulu kot aku ni". But, I rethink and I thought that maybe God choose the best group for me. Maybe I wasn't meant to be in other group because it will be a disaster for me. Allah knows the best kan? And so, I redha. Walaupun dari 9 orang rumah I ni, I sorang je dalam group tu. Like...I'll be waking up alone, driving alone, going to hospital alone, oncall alone.......~ I'm a lone ranger! haha. I even go shopping alone nowadays. Pretty stressful life is it? But, fikir2 balikla, I may be the one that can adapt myself in any situation after this because you see, once we became houseman, we are all alone in a hospital somewhere over the rainbow. So, I better get used to this.

..But, whatever it is, out of 20 poeple per group, I still have : KAK PAA yang best, ABE yang protective, NADDY yang baik, KAK SARAH yang cool, and ZAHIR yang comel, in my group, so takla janggal sangat kan? hehe..
InsyaAllah I can make it through this 4 months!

***Important dates:***

1) Mid semester break; 14/3/2011 - 20/3/2011
2) Finishing school module; 16/4/2011 - 17/4/2011
3) 3rd PROFESSIONAL EXAM aka FINALE; 31/5/2011 - 10/6/2011


beyl said...

ehem......cuti thaipusam ngan CNY ko tanak masuk dalam important dates ke??? hahahahhaa

aat @ paat said...

all da very bez my dear~~

aat @ paat said...

all da very bez my dear~~

mawarsariamani said...

@ cik nab: hahaha tuh cuti pendek tak dikira!

@ aat: thanks darling!

faRhaNA sHaFIe said...

thanks ye cik adek manis sbb kate sy ni best! ahahhaa...and thanks for the ride balik td..(ceyh ngade2 lak konon2 tersipu2 mcm baru kenal ko semalam kan..)

dah2 tak pyh nak emo ngn gruping list..we'll sail tru this 4 months together! wei, ko lupe nak tambah satu lagi cuti dlm list important date..cuti after pro 3!!!!!!!! holiday jom!!