Friday, January 28, 2011

Plan Change..So Do Our Lifes

Is it a crime to eat alone? No. Is it a crime to watch movie alone? No. Is it a crime to stare people like..freaking creepy way? YES. Is it a crime to disturb a girl who is driving alone? YES. I might involve in accident you creepy busuk guys. [not you. its them.] Owh I wish I could learn karate or kungfu or whatever you call the sepak-sepak, cucuk mata people thingy. Professionally uncool okey guys buat camtu! Please la. Behave! Ops sorry membebel sikit. Tak tau nak membebel kat mana dah. haha.

We have just been informed by our beloved lecturer than maybe our Professional 3 which is the absolute FINALE will be postponed to 20th June 2011. And everything will end on 1st July 2011. Scary okay! The sound of it pun boleh buat kaki menggigil right? hehe.. Anyway, after that BIG day comes my last but not least 3 months of holiday! huahahahahaha~ Initially, I had a plan. You see, one of it is my engagement. huhu. But, it turns out that plan is just a plan.

Source: Danielzain [my future wedding photographer!! Love his work!]

Now, what would I do with my green wedding-like dress?? Should I wear it during convocation? Nope, that's too much! haha. Please. I won't embarrassed myself in front of all the great people there. Haha. So, I change my 3 month plans to work with my mother in her clinic. Brush up my skills and knowledge before my real internship in Hosp dot-dot-dot. Hopefully, it does prepare me for the worst case scenario.

As for tonight [Saturday night fever], I would of course spend my free time exclusively with Chuck Bartowski [cute, handsome, tall, funny, exciting and of course hate guns]. Sekarang dah Season 4 okeh! You better watch it girls. Recommended! hehe.

Okay for now..I'm Sidereel-ling~! Come and join me [if you can]. hehe.