Monday, August 8, 2011

Acheh Day 2

The second day, we had breakfast in one of the Pasentren teachers' house. We ate Nasi Lemak. It's quite different because the only lauk are keropok udang, sambal and boiled egg. It's quite simple from what Nasi Lemak Malaysia would be like. But, the rice were in bigger amount than Malaysian usual one. We drank tea for breakfast. A sweet one. Hopefully I would get Diabetes once I get home.

After we had or breakfast with stomach full of rice, we gathered at the hall to get ready for our free medical check up session and sunnathon (circumcision for a big group). Voluntarism is the main juice of what my college differs from other universities. We had been volunteering in lots of medical activities since the first year. Our Prof create a group of young volunteers starting from our pioneers' batch called 'Young Mercy'. So, we are used to this kind of activities. Alhamdulillah so far, everything went great.

This programme isn't only dedicate to the school itself, but also the villagers around it. We spread the words and all they need to do is come and give their details to us.

Me and Kak Lin are the first liner from the medical check-up team. We complete all the patients' details, clerk history (ask patients about their current and past medical problems), identify which patient would be given prioritization or special attention (i.e. refer to our specialist inside the hall or send a referral letter to the nearest hospital), identify the most common disease over the area and educate patient about their problem. After patients cleared all the informations we need, they will then proceed to the next counter for weight & height, random blood sugar, blood pressure, consultation and medication.

It's not easy communicating with them. It's a challenge for me. I have communication barrier especially when it comes to elderly. Their language is different from the other side of Indonesia. I couldn't quite understand due to the strong accent and some different words they used. But, thanks to some of the school teacher, they became my translator and the clerking part were ran smoothly.

Our medications run empty so fast.

I identify the most common complaint from their area; (1) low back pain probably because most of them works at paddy field and they still use the old method of planting the paddy with their one hands, (2) numbness over both fingers and foot maybe due to their lifestyle of having sweet drinks and foods that may cause them to have diabetes, (3) rashes, (4) eye discharge.

My other medical team inside the hall.

With our anaesthetist, Prof. I (wearing scrub).

Circumcision and mobile clinic team.

Due to lack of supplies, we used tables as bed for circumcision.

Medications that we brought from Malaysia for the villagers.

After a half day activity in Pasentren, they bought us out to a beach named Pasir Putih where we had the chance to drink coconut. It was awesome! And the scenery....Subhanallah! Beautiful! The white sand..the clear water..the seashells..amazing. The beach is cleaner if compare to Malaysian beaches. This was one of the beach that are destroyed a long time ago by tsunami.

The water is chill and clear!

This beach is surrounded by naked mountains with small stonehenge. There, we met a woman (not in the picture) who lives and work at a stall there. She said that during that time, when she saw the waves, it was huge and its like the shape of kepala ular tedung yang mengembang. She then save herself by running up the hills. Alhamdullilah, she was save. However, her mother did not survive as she was at the port. She was sad in the first place. But, she accept qada' and qadar. We asked her, why don't she leave that place and stay at an even safer place. But, she said, there's nothing to be scared of death. Even now sitting in front of your laptop, with Allahs' power, He could take away your breathe in just seconds. It was nice talking to her.

On our way back, we go up and down the hills and on one spot, we saw the port. Half of it had been destroyed by tsunami waves.

We went back to Pak R house for dinner. His wife served us with ikan bakar..yummeh! After dinner, we went back to Pasentren. Sweet dreams!