Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Acheh Day 3

We started of day 3 with pictures of......................

............yes, Rok! huhu..please don't laugh.

Our first destination was to a hospital build by Mercy Malaysia for citizen juat after tsunami happens. It's still free for citizen.
We met with the hospitals' authority and had a meeting with them..

Next stop, we went to Acheh Tsunami museum..

The architecture is amazing..beautiful! It is a symbol of a tsunami wave. Once you enter the museum, you'll be a little scared because everyone has to pass through a narrow space which both left and right wall is black coloured, 50 meters height and water flows from above. The reason they did it that way so that tourist can feel how the victims felt when they are trap in the black waves. Tragic. I almost feel that it was real.

The model of Acheh Tsunami Museum.

You will enter this dark room consist of many computers showing pictures of tsunami tragedy.

Then, as I enter a's a round room, dark and sorrow. There names written around us. Names of the victims that has passed away during tsunami. Innalillah. Even 'Fatimah' is there. How terrifying. It gave me chills but at the same time, I recite Al-Fatihah for all of them.

When you look up in the room, there's Allah name in Arabic form. Insaf. Allah Al-Mighty, even this tragedy is consider small. Then, kiamat would be more terrifying. Nauzubillah. After that, we went to the theatre room, it's like a cinema, but a small one. It shows every single videos that was caughtt during and after the tsunami. What happen and what has been done. It's a sad documentary.

After the show, usually we could have gathered in another cinema showing 4D's movie or show which give us the feel when we are trap in the waves. However, we are unlucky that day since the cinema is under construction. Maybe next time we'll get to enter it together. Then, there's exhibition which shows that captured our attention. Subhanallah..

Ibuk or Pak Rs' wife followed us to the museum. In this exhibition room, she tell us her story. She was one of the survive victim during tsunami in her village. On the day of event, her smallest son, around 2 years of age, cried. He was very irritable. With unknown cause. So, Pak R decided to bring him out for a stroll in his CRV car. As he went out to reach his car, he saw the big wave from further away. People started to scream and shout for help. He called Ibuk to hurry up and he waited in his car. When Ibuk saw the big scary wave ahead, she quickly ran up the stairs just to get her scarf. "Ibuk sempat fikir yang Ibuk tidak bertudung, lalu Ibuk lekas2 naik bilik untuk ambil tudung sahaja." Everyone were panic. She tried to advice her neighbour to follow her, but some of them don't want and they wanted to wait for their other family members. Only a small group follow Ibuk and Pak R in the CRV. She said that the waves are just a meter far behind their car. Pak R drove as fast as he can until they reach airport, where the wave has slow down. The neighbours are all dead. Eaten by the scary black wave. Innalillah.

As she was crying in the exhibition room, she tell us another story. A day before the tsunami happen, her smaller sister called. She wanted to come and visit her with her husband and a baby. She complaint that she was feeling a little scared that night. But, she couldn't tell why. The last sentence she said to Ibuk was, "Tunggu saya datang ya?"Then, the day of tsunami, her car were upside down, her husband was stranded at an electrical wire, alive until now. Her baby was found dead on top of a mosque. "Jumpa baby di atas kubah masjid." Dead. Innalillah. But, what cause Ibuk to be so sad, is that, her sister body is nowhere to be found. Until now. But, one of our friend has the same face as her sister..they even called the other siblings to look at her. MasyaALLAH..what more could I say?

There's a watch they found from Baitulrahman Mosque where it shows the exact time of tsunami.

Masjid Lampuuk.

Since the museum closed for Zohor prayers, we went to visit the cargo ship that has landed about 500 meters from shore. How would the waves brought it there? No one knows. Maybe the wave are very strong one. This ship is an electrical thingy ship. I could understand what it is used for but usually the ship would be far away offshore.

We are allowed to climb up the ship. Incredible.

You can't almost see the ocean. Far ait?

Then we went to Lambuk mosque. It's the single mosque that we used to see in the news and papers after tsunami. It's the only building that had survived in Lampuk. At last, I'm here to witness this beautiful mosque..

Do you remember this picture?

There is a story of a stroke Imam. He was in the mosque during tsunami happens. He said that, it's not the waves that "terbelah dua"..the waves went into the mosque, through the mosque BUT it is less severe and less water than the surrounding. "Bukannya air tu terbelah dua, tetapi kelihatannya air yang masuk ke dalam masjid itu seperti perlahan dan tidak sekasar atau sebesar atau seganas ombak yang menghancurkan kelilingnya", said a witness. The Imam that has stroke doesn't have the strenght to run away from the waves, instead he stays inside the mosque for shelter. And he survived. After the tsunami, he can walk. Healed from stroke. Miracle isn't it? However, 2 years after that, he passed away. Innalillah.

We had the chance to climb up the roof..and I felt like I'm in the film "ketika cinta bertasbih" hehehehe.. The view up there were like Arabian style. It's so beautiful!

Then, we headed to Pantai Lampuuk where the tsunami wave was bigger here than other affected beaches. The water was blue greenish. The first impression when I went there was, "the waves here are bigggg.." yes, indeed. The wave are very strong and big. That's why before tsunami, tourist came here for surfing. But since then, tourist has decrease in number. We ate late lunch here. MasyaAllah..beautiful ocean.

It was fun + scary + excited to see such big waves. You can't see it in Malaysia. Trust me.

Funny book ait?

That night, we were invited to sleepover at Pak Rs' house. It's great cause we got to have a nice bath since at Pasentren we have to "jimat air". hehe.. That night, Prof I gave us a talk on financial freedom. It's beneficial to us, ......although I'm half asleep while sitting that time. huhu.