Friday, January 28, 2011

The Man Behind the Camera

I love his taste of fashion..or at least the fashions pictures all over his blog. Of course we couldn't find any of them in Malaysia particularly, but it inspire most of the people around the world. I was suprised that I actually found this video. Well, now I know how The Sartorialist looks like. Furthermore, his passion with fashion and how he creates a wonderful visual life had actually amazed me. Introducing...the guy behind this blog;

Makes me wonder how a visual life could be very interesting! Well, who knows that maybe someday I might gain the opportunity to become not just a doctor, but of course....someone else! First, finish your degree Zara! Then, head it towards your dreams. InsyaAllah.. :)

I'm beginning to panic since I had insufficient number of patient for Mock Patient Record. fuh! Better hurry up and finish it before the last day! Anyone volunteer to become my patient? hehe..