Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Truth

My favorite song now..
The lyrics..were once written in me.

"Trying to be perfect
Trying not to let you down"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looklet: Shopping Spree!

My new Looklet collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who loves shopping... [including me!]

*click picture to enlarge*

Oldies bottom looks vogue if you can pair it with great colors.

Muslimah, you can match your look with Shawl Ombak.
But remember, perfect heels sometimes isn't suitable for a long shop day!
hehe~ Cause of course you'll be back with backache~!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Way TOO Skinny?

I've been thinking and re-think and thinking while re-think, since lately people started to comment about me. On how I actually look TOOOOOO skinny, which I defined as not healthy and not hug-gable~ *screw me!*
...poor hubby...
I'm not THAT anorexic-looking-Anne-ANTM right?

Dari kecik kot badan macam nih *LIAR!*
I once a little chubby and so-called "berisi" when I'm 15th?
i think.
But seriously, now I kinda eat chocs every day.
Like literally ONE WHOLE chocolate bar. Seriously. No, I'm not joking~!
Lately, having to say, there are soooo many things on my mind. I got stress up a bit.
But, still enjoying my Internal Medicine posting. And I end up sleeping with chocolates.
Still, I maintained my weight.
Just a little weird when people asked, "Apsal bertambah kurus sangat ni??"
*they have this u-look-sick-looking-face*
No, I'm not sick. Well, I am. But, I feel fine!

Comparing to dearie Kak Lin, she's wayyyy skinnier than me okay!
haha *tetibe Kak Lin jadi glamour*
So, please trust me. I ate a lot. Sometimes.
I screw desserts a lot. Always.
*Please don't pair me up with Diabetes Mellitus God*

Well, I'm proud of myself.
Being kinda skinny.
[Not smoking. Not 'weed'-ing.]
But luckily tall enough.
And can still eat with passion~
Thank God.
Truth is, I don't really care what people say.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cik Yatie Sells Shawl

My dearie Yatie, my so called "geng bas sekolah" during my secondaries had just started a shawl business. Yeayy another friend in business~! haha.
I'm just helping her in promoting her new blog.
Well, if you are interested in any of her products, do order!

*to yatie; agak gedik tp chomel hehe~*

Visit her at;

And owh, to my customers, new products are coming soon!
But sorry for those who demand for new Sarees, I'm out of stock.
But I might bring in some new designs next year.
I'll inform you girls okay?
Thank you again for your support!
Hugs and Kisses!


My...owh my..time pass so fast. Just 2 minutes ago I opened my email and I found this:

MBBS Second Professional Examination

24 December 2010 – 30 December 2010




Examination / Activity

24 Dec 2010


10.00 am – 12.00 noon

(120 mins)

Modified Essay Question 1

(MEQ 1)

(Venue: Examination Hall – Level 3, Main Campus)

27 Dec 2010


10.00 am – 11.20 pm

(80 mins)

3.00pm to 4.20pm

(80 mins)

Extended Matching Question (EMQ)

(Venue: Examination Hall – Level 3, Main Campus)

Single Best Answer Question 1

(SBAQ 1)

(Venue: Examination Hall – Level 3, Main Campus)

28 Dec 2010



11.00 am –

1.00 pm

(120 mins)

Arrival & briefing to External Examiners

Modified Essay Question 2

(MEQ 2)

(Venue: Examination Hall – Level 3, Main Campus)

29 Dec 2010


10.00 am – 12.00 am

(120 mins)

3.00 pm –

5.00 pm

Single Best Answer Question 2

(SBAQ 2)

(Venue: Examination Hall – Level 3, Main Campus

CPD Session – External Examiners

30 Dec 2010 (Thursday)

9.00 am –

10.30 am

11.00 am –

1.00 pm

Borderline Viva

Clinical Examination Board Meeting

( Venue: Board Room, Main Campus, CUCMS)

Lunch & farewell to external examiners

2.00 pm

Faculty Meeting

Senate Meeting

Announcement of Final Results

I'm DEFINITELY scared to death!!!
Wishing I won't be needing 'borderline viva' session.
Please God, help me~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sleepy Head!

Early Sunday morning to hospital..

Be back in the afternoon where the sun 'shot' you with eager!

After eating rice with delicious masakan kampung..yum.

Feeling blue out of the sudden..single it is.

Hugging my bantal busuk in the evening, eating dried guava while watching Americas' Next Top Model..

A friend message came in, "Jom Melaka next week?!!"
*How exciting! Can't wait!!!!!!*

Friday, November 19, 2010


He is not a pirate...

He is not a cowboy....

He is not Hang Tuah....

Obviously, he is not a Dairymilk girl...

He is just our baby boy, Razi~!
Tomorrow will be his BIG DAY!
You go boy!! Be brave save..
Hopefully he won't cry. *cewekkk*
Happy Circumcision Day Boy!!
*evil laughter!!!!*
with an evil eye

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Wish For All

Happy Eid Ul Adha to all Muslims...
especially to my special ones! :)
To my beloved handsome one who spends his time studying in Mesir, may God bless you..
I've been a little curious about how does the celebration there differs from the way we celebrate here..
Must be huge right?
*best tak makanan kat sana? :P*
and of course we miss u! Hugs & Kisses!!
*A'at sembelih lembu jugak kah there?*
Owh, this pashmina is a gift from my other handsome brother..
Thank you sweetheart! :)
Does this pashmina suits me? Hopefully..cause Dad said I look pretty in it. *blushing!*
Anyway, I'll be having my sort-of pro-2 mock exam this Saturday.
Wish me luck okay sweeties???
I'll do my best!
Aja Aja Fighting~!!!~!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looklet: Warm Look

Since its rainy weather nowadays, and tomorrow is Monday.
Yup, you're going back to work tomorrow buddy!
Lets just work with style, shall we?
Watch out for a new closet ladies~!

*click to enlarge*

My new looklet collection; Warm Look.

It ain't easy to walk in that shoes though.

With cute ribbon hair band on.

For muslimah, try to match it with Crinkle shawl; shaddy brown.
In other words, it's adoringly beautiful!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looklet: Nerdy cute

Life as a student? Digging books!

*click to enlarge*

My new looklet collection: we used boxes these days!

Muslimah, match the clothes with this Shawl Hafiyah in 3 color code.
Looks younger version of student. People usually called them freshie!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looklet: Dinner Look

Hey sweeties~!
Currently, I'm having my quite-long-weekend-rest before I enter Internal Medicine posting.
Just want to share with you my new Looklet collection.
Create it not more than 2 hours ago...after having my morning juice!
*inspired by the color of my orange juice~haha*
So, hope you'll like it.....

My model named Matilda.

So I combined a little touch of flowery peach on this plain maxi to look more elegant.
Play with some brownish and golden touch in accessories.

For Muslimah, don't you worry.
You can match this look with plain color peach Haifa Shawl with a little strike on the inner.

Or for some of you, it's better to wear combination of two colors.
Such as above; orange + soft red.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Little Push .. Subhanallah ..

Sometimes, I think just as what you think Maher.
You know when, so many things happen in life...we start to questioned.
But sometimes, we just knew..
Sometimes, miracles happen..
Sometimes, we just felt..
Sometimes, someone show us the way..

Sometimes, we can't describe with our own words.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I want to look cute too!

I don't wear headbands or hairbands to work or college.
But I do admire pretty girls out there wearing them.
They absolutely look cute.
I think it's a trend after the influence of Gossip Girl, a TV series.
You girls watch it, do you? I know, I do.
*kaki gosip jugak minah ni*

*just to promote.....the scarf that i wear [cause I sell those], am not promoting myself okay?*

*Orange Chiffon flower hairband*

*Jennifer Behr Hairband*

They came in with various designs and colors.
Well, of course it doesn't cost much. I think. *tsk!*
Hopefully, I can get one too! eheh~ :P