Sunday, April 24, 2011

My heart is like a loudspeaker

"Sometimes all it takes is one voice".

Sometimes when my lecturers or supervisor scolded me,
I feel de-motivated.
But, I tried the best to control my fears,
and improve whats' left of me.
I learn to pick myself up,
when there's no one around.
Continue what I've started,
and keep smiling at them.
I tried hard to show them that I'm good enough.
And I'm capable enough to be a great doctor.
Cause nothing is worst than 'giving-up'.
Especially when the success that you dream of is just a feet away.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fashion video

I've came across this fashion video earlier and I think it's creative and classy. Simply effortless and relaxing. Would I made mine someday? :) maybe..

Liberty's July 2011 Curation (Liberty x IkanPaosCollective) from ikanpaoscollective on Vimeo.

I need somewhere to begin

So, why don't we go, somewhere only we know.. somewhere only we know..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Every morning I wake up..

I took a minute to smile cause..
Every heart break makes your heart break a little, tear a little, die a little, but stronger a lot.

May your wish come true..

Happy birthday to whom ever is celebrating it today..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finishing School Dinner

At first we were not enthusiasm towards this programme.. It's a 3 day programme! Not the dinner..the grooming, forums and practicals and communications and financial.. bla bla bla.. It takes a weekend away from us [which we could use for family gathering].
But, as we got through it together as a batch, we managed to complete this programme without any problem. Just a little bit of miscommunication..but, no hal la. Chill je. That's why I love my batch the most!!!!! We are one.

Decorating the dining hall was not as tough as my job last year [decorating for annual batch dinner - which turns out a blast!]. This time, it's more relaxing and simple. Sampai myself pun jadi a walking krismas tree. haha.

meet Yuna Sarawak..with the most amazing voice among the best vocalist in college!!!!

meet the "Needles & Syringe" band from our batch. What a doctor-musicians talent!

I had a great night with my colleagues. Thank you girls & guys! You were all awesome.. Well, good luck with your new postings tomorrow! Nitty nite~!!!! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Kan awok dah kabooo awok suke koma ni JoZan~!!!!
Thumbs up! [Koma paham tak ni? haaaaa..itu ler pentingnye english education~]
..hahaha..Influential betol la Wilcha ni!

Friday, April 15, 2011


*click picture to enlarge*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear brother..

Kick off ur shoes,take a break
Crank the tunes
Dance & Shake
light the candles,cut the cake
Make ita a day, that’s simply Great!!!
Happy Birthday Bro….

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good DAY comes good food and tummy!

I ate a lot today!!!!!!!

breakfast: sleepy (so, malas nak makan)
lunch: kentuki
minum petang: keropok lekor
dinner: sate willi + sup gearbox + chocolate cheese cake
supper: bubur durian + durian + pulut
sahur esok pagi: bubur ayam special

and my tummy says, "okay, go ahead..i owe u~". So, happy lah!!! Semua kerna jasa baik rakan2 dan mak rakan2 yang saya amat cintai [dan-dan je nak sayang bila dapat makan pree kan?]. haha. *awful nya saye ni!*

And, so have a good night sleep darlings~!! Sleep tide! owh, and yes, I'm wearing Hana Tajima shawl style. Effortless. Owh si bantal peluk, mari mari mari~~~melaksanakan rutin harian yang paling disukai!!!! hehehe.. Salam.. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patient not adhering to treatment?

Catch my eyes on some cases in
What is happening to our health system? Lack of information about treatment given to patients. That's what it is. Shame. Pity patients. They should know more. We as doctors should educate them. Learn from these cases colleagues.

Case 1.

Michelle is a high-school graduate and 21-year-old single mother of a 1-year-old child. She works as a cashier at a local grocery store and lives with her parents. Her son was up much of the night crying and, distraught, she brought him to her healthcare provider in the morning. He is diagnosed with acute otitis media and Michelle is given a prescription for liquid antibiotics to be administered 3 times daily. Michelle reads the instructions on the medication bottle, which state: "Using the spoon provided, give the patient half a teaspoon of this medicine 3 times a day." Michelle dutifully fills half a teaspoon and pours the medication into her child's painful ear.

Case 2.

Mrs. Smith is a 60-year-old widower and retired school teacher who lives alone and is visited by her son and daughter, who live across town, once a week. After a physical examination that included normal breast and pelvic examinations, a mammogram is recommended. Mrs. Smith has a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a breast lump during a self-exam. Because Mrs. Smith had not found a lump in her breasts and had been told her breast examination was normal, she decided not to show up for her mammogram and did not discuss this further with her provider.

Case 3.

Mr. Cruz is a 50-year-old store manager with type 2 diabetes. He now requires insulin, having failed oral therapy and dietary measures. He is referred to his diabetes health educator who demonstrates how to inject insulin by using the needle and syringe on an orange. Mr. Cruz's blood glucose levels remain poorly controlled over the following month. On careful direct enquiry about how he is injecting his insulin daily, his provider discovers that he has been injecting insulin into oranges and eating the oranges daily.

What do these cases have in common as sources of poor adherence or medical errors, and what strategies or routine practices by providers may have prevented the unexpected or adverse outcomes?

I miss Tumblr

Random picks from Tumblr.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

AnggunZara Contest

Alhamdulillah..semakin banyak hari dapat m.c., semakin sihat rasanya. nguahahaha~!!! Still a little dizzy, jalan pun terhoyang-hayang~!!! *tskkk* masih kene kembali kerja, sebab budak2 kecil kat ward yang bagaikan taman permainan tu menunggu saya. hehehe. cumel2 sekalian~~~doktor kembali!!! yeay. *pengsan balik* okay, cuba jangan get too excited bebeh, kang terhuyang-hayang lagi. ahah.

eh, awak semua kelihatannya cantik2 belaka la! *bodek2* okayla, saya penat. Masih kurang bertenaga. Straight forward jela ye.. I had entered a contest from AnggunZara like a week ago la kot dah antar gambar. So, on April 7th (which is today), I was informed by a colleague of mine yang my picture is up in AnggunZara fanpage facebook. Struggle la tengok kan....skali, freaking serious semua yang masuh ala-ala models yang betul2 models. Mcm I ni, ciplak je kan. OMG! My colleagues like, dramatically said, "Nape you antar gambar yang nih??? Napa tak yang lagi satuuuuuu tuuuuu???" I was like, how would I know which of my pictures is the best? You rakan2 tak pernah bilang sama gua pun! grrrr~ *picture yang mana pun yang derang maksudkan pun I'm totally not sure* hehe..

Tiba-tiba macam segan pulak I termasuk dalam golongan tu. huhu. Macam tak seswai jeee. But, in case, you all nak tau, or dah tau, kalau rasa2nya saya bole menang la kan? Means menang tempat saguhati pun okay kottttttt 'like' fanpage facebook AnggunZara and click 'like' at my picture eyh.. :) pertolongan anda sangat dihargai. hehe..

So, kempen voting ni selama 1 week. Which is from 7th April to 14th April. Hopefully, all of you boleh sebar2kan.. hehe.. Thank you againnnnnnnn~!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sick and alone

i'm not well today. having fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and headache. serious sakit perut..and no one home. tried to call my mom, tried messaging people but no one respond.. being alone sometimes is frustrating. God, my body is burning.

Monday, April 4, 2011

You make me wanna say, "I do"

I was really happy for my colleagues..really2x happy lah!
Just because they're getting married by...May or June...or by the end of this year.
So, happy lah!!!
Remembered when we were just sweet 16 and teka-teka sape kawen dulu..
Haha, they absolutely thought, it would be me. Seriously? Do I look 'that' early?
Haha..turns out they are the ones who'd get their rings first!
Who would ever thought of that ladies? God knows the best. Congrats yall~!
Owh...this makes me wanna say, "I do!!!!!! I Do do do do do~~"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hijab: Modified Qatari Style

People are starting to take shawls seriously but that doesn't mean you can't create something simple-effortless-stunning style with 'tudung bawal' or other square-shape scarf. Old fashion scarf can be as high fashion as other hijab nowadays! So, chill la kalau you girls rasa "owh, everyone is looking good in their new shawls..but, not me with my old tak-bertukar2 punya tudung ni." Na'aaaaaa~! No more doubts girls. You just have to wear it differently. And not sedaya-upaya kumpul duit beli shawl baru just to look like others. Trust me. I still wear whatever I wore 9 years ago for any occasions. haha. So, grab your form 1 scarf, and work it out! I'm sure your colleagues would ask you, "Tudung baru ke??" Please jangan rasa diri anda tak menarik. Tak bestla muda-muda dah rasa cam hopeless kan? I'm just sharing something to boost your self confidence girls..or adik2..hehe. No offence ye? :)

owh nak muntah tgk muka sendiri. sorry for the annoying face lah eyh. haha.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Terkezut tak?

After a long day..a long week..a long mock patient management report [MPR - yang 20 esei tu], we had a nice gathering to celebrate my beloved Kak Paa 's birthday party..
She is a talented, cun, loving, caring, gile-medical-student-yang-pandai, rajin haaaaaaa byklah!

Sonok pulak dia dapat bantal full of candy & chocolates! hehe :)
Sorry la Kak Paa, choc yang mahal sikit je..yang murah2 je lebih. hahaha.

Anyway, tak kuasa la kan nak melayan kata-kata Shah, "Makwe aku suka icr cream cake". Hoh! tak-do-pek-nyo nak beli cake mahal tu. High taste betul perempuan ni. Haahaa. Tapi, Banana Chocolate Cake from Secret Recepi ni pun sedap kan? First time Za rasa dulu, ex bagi. huahuahahaha baru tuh la tau wujudnya kedai cake yang sedap gilos ni. Pape pun, hope you had a great time Kak beloved sis!!! muahhhhhhhsssss~!!!!
Sayang Kak Paa!!!!!! Sungguh!

My Day

May today be better than yesterday.
"Tuhan, moga dipermudahkan jalanku hari ini."