Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last bachelor vacay with my bestie..

So, me and bestie got to our last trip to one of the best vacay site in malaysia.. well, you guess la where it is.. ahahhaa.. 

Owh pastries everywhere!! love it!

strawberri strussel .. deli-cia! :)

And.. steamboat at night .. tomyam flavour

okey.. this is just a heck of a closure
mengada2 sket. hahahaha.. 
anyway, may we meet again on another vacay! (hopefully on my honeymoon!) weeeee~!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear readers

Dear readers, 

          Its been almost 1/2 year since I wrote a post. But I thought I can write to you now and tell you what happen since I last wrote you last time. A few weeks after I started work, I got engaged to a nice man who is there and support me through all the hard works since I've became a doctor. My Best friend, Haz got married to KI (my other bestfriend) and lives happily at Sabah. My brother, Mamat got 10 As for SPM last year. And thank God my boss still give me a chance to breathe after my night or PM shift...they gave me time. Time to come home and rest. Time to relax my muscles. Time to reflect myself. Time to spend with my housemate, Nawal. Problem with time I learned, weather it's first 2 weeks I got to spend with you or those final 3 months I've got to spend with them, eventually time always run out. I've no idea where you are or who you are out there readers. But, maybe some of you thinks the same way as I am. No matter how many years go by, I know 1 thing that will be true as it ever was..I'll write to you soon then.