Friday, September 23, 2011

A Career Woman

All my backs are pack, im ready to standing here outside your door..i hate to wake u up to say goodbye....

Dear readers, when you're reading this post, I've just finished my induction course. Alhamdullillah I've already know which hospital that I'll be posted next week. My bags are all pack and I'll be off to my new destination, my new chapter of life.. So, wish me luck! :) *Aim to be a great doctor insyaAllah*

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ipoh - Manjung - Kg. Kuantan - Jeram

Yesterday, I went to Ipoh for a wedding..Kak Lin fetch me at Meru about 7.45am and we went to Selayang to fetch Haz & KI..We reach Ipoh at around 11.30am. Bride is still with the make up artist while the groom was not there yet...

Congrats again to my beloved Cik Nab & Paiz..

Yes, finally I met with Nawal [who had disappear since we started our honeymoon vacation].

After the wedding, we went to Manjung to visit Kak Paa house.. FINALLY I reached Manjung!'s a dream come true Kak Paa.. hehe.. :)

After that, we continue our journey to Kg. Kuantan, Kuala Selangor for a short trip to see kelip-kelip!!!! weeeeeeeee~! The night was so beautiful..the moon was beautiful yesterday and the scenery were awesome..! We paid RM10 per person including mineral water. Each sampan can carry around 4 people only.. The only thing that scares me is.....crocodile. yes. haha. It's the first time I see kelip-kelip and the first time I touch that tiny insect.. weeeee!

Then we went to Pantai Jeram to hunt for seafood!! Yes, above is Butterprawn..but I think the most delicious butterprawn ever that I had tasted was at Sarawak.

Chilly crab.

Sotong goreng tepung was the most enjoyable food we had last night. It was yummy, crunchy, soft and bigggggg!

Kepah masak cili. Had so much fun with Haz, Ki & Kak Lin..and yes, Kak Lins' red velvet cupcake was THE BEST! EVER! yummeh! We had a theme song yesterday.....Good Life by OneRepublic. Hope you too enjoy this song! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

To Bumblebee..

To my dearest Bumblebee who loves to drink bubbletea..

You're having a hard time right now..yes, I know..big exams..I've been there dear. Counting the days, reading through pages, memorizing short notes and wish upon a star that I could have the perfect photographic memory..
OSCE gave me chills and rigors..hoping that the specialist would stop questioning me.
I had gone through every single step that you are going through right now..
and I know, sometimes you feel like giving up, hopeless, unsure of the results we'll get..
but I'd say, continue your effort, try the best you can and always pray to Him..

"If God answers ur prayer, He increases ur faith. If delays, He increases ur patience. If didn't, He knows u can handle it"

So never stop praying and hoping and trying..He will always hear u..and I'll be beside you till the end. I know you're scared, nervous, loss of appetite (this one doesn't really apply to u B! :P), but InsyaAllah you'll pass with flying colors. I pray. Don't be too scared because specialist are most probably same as Ayah. hahaha. You were so braved that day when you come and visit him all alone kan? It's your first time meeting my parents, and you made it! When others don't really dare to even see him. So, don't tell me you're scared now, cause I don't actually believe that now..hehehe.. Okay? Feeling good already?

And, if .. lets say .. you pass ..I would probably buy you this;

Looks delicious right? (Tuhla..sape suh makan choki2 sorang2..huhu)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone..! Maap zahir batin.. Sorry, can't talk much. Just sprained my ankle. DUH. Ni B nye pasal..eiiiiiii!

Salam Syawal to all my colleagues out there.. old or young or same age.. huhu.

To my beloved cousins.. have a great month!

This year is a little special because Mom taught me and my brothers to do ketupat palas.. yippi

As usual, we made ketupat with our own skills..and it turns out soft and yummeh.

A night before raya, i made oreo cheesecake as the dessert for Raya morning. But, as soon as my Dad smell the nice bakery fragrance around the house, he was eager to taste it first.. haih.. of course it tasted very nice.. Alhamdullillah.. For the cookies, I made around 8 types of kuih this year, others my Mom just bought it.

Me and Juwa..

My cousins..

To my whole big family, I enjoyed this Raya so much! :)

Trash The Dress!

I ran into quite a number of wedding photography videos in you tube for the past month. Well, of course for some inspiration for myself. And somehow, all I thought was pictures of nice and sweet little bride is all what wedding photographer took. But, there's more! They called it, 'Trash The Dress'. What they did, at the end of the day, they took some dirty or wet-ty pictures of themselves in their wedding dress..and it turns out stunning!

Do Malaysian photographer take pictures like these?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I love her, Maddi. Introduced by Ina, Maddi Jane with 600,000 subscribers in You Tube..Secrets by OneRepublic! :)

Very talented indeed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Having iftar at Breeks! weeee~ nice! Come. Lets get annoyed by my happy-dapat-makan faces! hehe..

Tengok2 nape? tak tahan dah ni.. lapa gell..sejam lagi nak buka..

Lapa sangat sampai muka gatal pun kuar. haha.

Sebenarnye taktau nak order apa..1st time try Breeks.

Jom tengok menu yang ada promotion..

Ni takde promotion, maka tidak dibenarkan pilih yang ni.. uuuuhhh sedapnye dessert Massive Attack tu..

hah! Menggugat keimanan betol la buku menu ni..iskk. haha

Yeay, dapat pilih food dah. Bim Bimbap Sal Beef, Korean cuisine..

Tak sabar dah.. cepatla azan! hurryyyy~

"Yes-macam-dah-dengar-azan mood"

Bila dah dapat makan, senyap terus. Concentrate giler.

Non-stop plak tu..

Mula2 dapat food, berlagak, "sket gell". Bila dah makan, banyak upenye...hah cobala menyumbat taknak berlaku pembaziran kan?

mencuba sedaya-upaya mengelakkan dari terikut kata2 syaitan~!

Oke. Seriously. Cannot GOOO! haha.. Full da..triple double full.

I love lemon!! :P Brani tak eat lemon like this? Cabar u!

Muka ngantuk.............kekenyangan. Thanks for the food! Yummeh! :)


Congrats my lovely, Putri Nur Daniah for your engagement with.....Mr. whats-your-name-again? Hope my beloved ex-librarian SEMESTA will have a perfect wedding soon! Put pun looks so stunning...jeles jugak.... (-,-")

Alamak...serious lupa nama laki u ni.. :(


Yes, this is Seremban. Not Arab! :P
Congrats to Syak & Aamir~! Newly wedd couple of CUCMS.. yipii~ eh Alhamdullillah..
Erm jelesnye.. lepas ni you all dah bole bergambar peluk2. hahaha :P
May both of you be granted with children yang soleh & solehah!
aaa......................nak pakai lawa jugakkkkkk~ :P

Syak soooooo pretty!!