Thursday, August 25, 2011


I love her, Maddi. Introduced by Ina, Maddi Jane with 600,000 subscribers in You Tube..Secrets by OneRepublic! :)

Very talented indeed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Having iftar at Breeks! weeee~ nice! Come. Lets get annoyed by my happy-dapat-makan faces! hehe..

Tengok2 nape? tak tahan dah ni.. lapa gell..sejam lagi nak buka..

Lapa sangat sampai muka gatal pun kuar. haha.

Sebenarnye taktau nak order apa..1st time try Breeks.

Jom tengok menu yang ada promotion..

Ni takde promotion, maka tidak dibenarkan pilih yang ni.. uuuuhhh sedapnye dessert Massive Attack tu..

hah! Menggugat keimanan betol la buku menu ni..iskk. haha

Yeay, dapat pilih food dah. Bim Bimbap Sal Beef, Korean cuisine..

Tak sabar dah.. cepatla azan! hurryyyy~

"Yes-macam-dah-dengar-azan mood"

Bila dah dapat makan, senyap terus. Concentrate giler.

Non-stop plak tu..

Mula2 dapat food, berlagak, "sket gell". Bila dah makan, banyak upenye...hah cobala menyumbat taknak berlaku pembaziran kan?

mencuba sedaya-upaya mengelakkan dari terikut kata2 syaitan~!

Oke. Seriously. Cannot GOOO! haha.. Full da..triple double full.

I love lemon!! :P Brani tak eat lemon like this? Cabar u!

Muka ngantuk.............kekenyangan. Thanks for the food! Yummeh! :)


Congrats my lovely, Putri Nur Daniah for your engagement with.....Mr. whats-your-name-again? Hope my beloved ex-librarian SEMESTA will have a perfect wedding soon! Put pun looks so stunning...jeles jugak.... (-,-")

Alamak...serious lupa nama laki u ni.. :(


Yes, this is Seremban. Not Arab! :P
Congrats to Syak & Aamir~! Newly wedd couple of CUCMS.. yipii~ eh Alhamdullillah..
Erm jelesnye.. lepas ni you all dah bole bergambar peluk2. hahaha :P
May both of you be granted with children yang soleh & solehah!
aaa......................nak pakai lawa jugakkkkkk~ :P

Syak soooooo pretty!!

Gombak, KL

Congrats to my dearest friend, Haz for her engagement.. :)
May happiness be for both of you, Haz & KI..

Koko Yem, my favourite 'anak buah'!! :)

Cepat2la ke jinjing pelamin! :P

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cinta Tahajudku

"Ya Allah, bagiMu segala puji, Engkau penegak langit dan bumi dan alam semesta dengan segala isinya.
BagiMulah segala puji, Engkau raja penguasa langit dan bumi. BagiMu lah segala puji, pemancar
cahaya langit dan bumi. BagiMulah segala puji. Engkau yang hak dan janjiMu adalah benar, dan
perjumpaanMu itu adalah benar, firmanMu adalah benar, syurgaMu adalah benar, nerakaMu adalah
benar dan nabi-nabi adalah benar, dan Nabi Mohd saw adalah benar, dan hari Kiamat adalah
benar. Ya Allah kepadaMu lah kami berserah diri dan denganMu aku beriman, kepada Engkaulah
aku bertawakkal. Kepada Mu tempat kembali dan kepadaMu jua kami rindu dan kepadaMu jualah
kami berhukum. Ampunilah kami di atas segala kesalahan yang
kami lakukan, baik yang kami sembunyikan maupun yang kami nyatakan.
Engkaulah Tuhan yang terdahulu dan Yang terakhir, tiada Tuhan melainkan Engkau."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just when I felt like giving up on us..

.... You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter .....
So confused wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna seem so weak

But, later.. "1 message" .. ..

Cane nak continue marah ni??? (-.-")

Monday, August 15, 2011

Singapore - Pulau Sentosa

My whole life, since young, I wish to go to Disneyland or somewhere with castle. I had kept an amount of money to be spend there. My wish come true when my colleagues, Farah, Ki and Haz asked me to join them for an adventure to Singapore.. Luckily, I've already have passport (made before my Acheh trip). We enter through Johor Central and park our car at the parking centre there which cost us about RM12 per car/ per day. We enter Singapore with a bus (can't remember the number) but it cost just RM1. After we reach Singapore, we have to take another bus from imegresen cost about $2 USS. We then were drop to a station (forgot the name) where we took a taxi to Kranji MRT station cost about $ 4-5 USS per person. Singapore MRT is a successful and effective public transportation around the city. Since the traffic jem where significantly terrible (due to Malaysia people entering Singapore for work & tourist), so it's better to use MRT. From Kranji station, we took a train to Dhoubi Gout to change train and headed to Harbourfront station at Vivo City.

The people were nice and helped us through our journey.

Since we travel from Johor about 6.30 am, we take around 3 hours and 30 minutes (including time we used to wait for the taxi and toilet stop) till we reached Vivo City. The last train will stop at a mall. Unluckily, that day the mall was going to closed down for a fire drill training. Weird. How often do our country shopping centre undergo that training? I never experienced that in Malaysia. They prepared for the worst scenario. Very discipline Singapore people.! :)

As we reached Harbourfront, we came to Sentosa broadwalk where there is an escalator to Pulau Sentosa, or we could take a nice walk beside the sea (Selat....Tebrau eh? Lupa Geog!) The scenery were awesome! There are cable cars across the sea from Vivo City to Universal Studio. Wish I could ride it....IF ONLY I brought lots and lots of money. huhuhu. (duit ape? daun gajus? hoh ce sedar sket diri mu sedang menganggur~!)

Since it wasn't a hot and sunny day, so we had a nice long walk and yes, tak berpeluh oke. So, bau pun sodap lagi mase sampai Universal Studio. hehehe..

The thing that you have to remember is that, if you want to come here. Make sure you prepare yourself adequately. (1) Money. Manage your money as least as possible. Go through web sites to check for the cost from a place to another. Count everything and divide your money properly so that you won't belanje terlebih banyak ke, tak cukup ke. Right? And as for Muslim, food is another thing you have to considered. Singapore is a non-Muslim area, so it's difficult for us to find a Halal food around. And if there is, it is very costly. It is advice for you to bring your own glucose source. We each divide ourselves to bring a portion of food. I brought some chocolates for a glucose treat while we are on the way there. Just so you know, doesn't mean that you go there by train, you won't get hungry. We also brought Tuna and bread for lunch. And make sure you brought mineral water too.

Along the Sentosa broadwalk, on an escalator. In case, you puasa nak pergi gak Universal Studio, boleh la naik ni.

See how excited we are..please don't imagine our faces after a day travelling. Kalah asam jawa.

Alhamdullillah, we reached Sentosa Island.

Just after you enter Sentosa Island via broadwalk, you have to pay $ 1 USS.

And you will enter a beautiful scenery of outside Universal Studio area. Macam kat Japan plak gambar ni kan? Owh, already miss that!

Yes, alhamdullillah....!!! After our hard work of walking and sesat-ting! At last, we reached Universal Studio at about 10.12am. The USS door opened everyday at 10 am. Luckily, we arrived on time!

Yes, I've been dreaming to capture a moment here!!!!! yeay..

Tickets during non-peak times cost $66 USS per head (thats around RM145). But since we used the discount given by PlusMalaysia, we had 15 % off (we saved about RM20). Yes, 20 is still a big number for a penganggur setia. :P

For your own good, wear flip flop is enough. Do not sakitkan diri anda with high heels! We have a long way to go tau..

Yes, I dah sampai Beverly Hills. U dah ke? hahaha.. berlagak :P


This is a very famous pop corn. It's a must buy once you enter Universal Studio. I punya la excited. I thought the taste was different la from Malaysia cinema. Last2, ermmm sama jer. The different is bekas nya plastic gayung yang ada telinga shrek. haha. The taste same je and yes much more expensive than GSC.

Owh, just enter the Universal Studio and we had the chance to take picture with Kung Fu Panda!! Yeeepeeeeee~! (Ntah sape2 la I pelok tu. Insap)

We also had a chance to meet Frankenstein.

Fountain! In front of this fountain, there's theater that we enter called Pantage Hollywood Theater. At 11am there will be a stage performance 'Monster Rock'. Erm, I would advice the partners would be with each other cause the Mumia yang dance and sing tu very da bomb!

After that, we headed to Madagascar. Erm it's a LONGGGGG waiting list. But, we are a bit dissapointed in the show. This show is usually and advisably for kids ONLY. hehehe..

No offence Madagascar! :P

Budget takut.

I thought they would sell Marilyn Monroe punya legs..not Turkey please.

We then went to 'Lights, Camera, Action' by Steven Spielberg. It's a show where they show us how they create such an effect like rain, thunder, waves, fire, etc. So amazing! I love it there! You could actually feel that you're in the movie! Hebat betul teknologi dia nak bagi satu2 situasi Titanic tu nampak real! wow..amazing.

Budget nak jadi singa betina, tapi tak jadi.. haha.

New York!!

We had ride 3 rides in a row! Cyclon, Human and Accelerator. After that, I vomited. . . . . Theres' no need to describe. Please fasten your seat belt well before you ride these. So.........scary!! I ingat balik pun, dah kecut perut!!! huarggghhhhh.. tapi, best! :)

We reached Egypt! hehehe..

We had another ride here in Egypt. The ride was.......DIFFERENT! Amazing gooooosh! You will feel like you enter another world with mumias, ghost, fire and macam masuk terowong gelap Back to the Future! Wohhh, syokkk. It's a MUST RIDE!

We had our lunch, Bread & Tuna. Owh the long bottle with Apple Slurpee cost $15 USS with refill cost $4 USS. uuuuhhhhh brain freeze!!

Half way there...a little tired but exciting!

I'm glad I didn't look up. You should shave first before met me mister! grrrr..

Yeahhh...join him in Mumia adventure!

Finally.....we reached the castle!! Just like what I saw in TV! yeayyy~! Fairy tales don't lie. haha. So excited to actually be there at Far Far Away Land.

This is where Shrek comes to live!

Entering the castle for a 4D Shrek movie. Be prepare to get wet with 'haaattchuuuuum~'.

Before entering the prisoner centre.


I'm Princess Fiona!

I wanna go there again please!! B, jum?

Be prepare for Jurassic Park!

Eating Nacho. Cost $3.50 USS.

We are looking for Trex...where is it? hehe.. Inside the Jurassic Park, be prepare to get wet! There would be a ride on a round boat and you will enter Jurassic park (mcm dlm cerita tu)..You will .................... met with Trex.....!! and of course, they'll treat you with a bath! Tapi, kalau taknak basah, bring along baju hujan cost around $2 USS per person.!

We enter Waterworld. Here you could choose to get wet, or splash, or dry. You will enter a world full with water..

They'll give a a terrific performance with jet ski, and sexy heroin (perlu ke? namanye Helen), pirate yang botak, gunshot, bombs and other more. The last show would be at 5.30pm.

with Helen, hero dia sape ntah and org jahat Pirate.

We actually stayed in Universal studio till 8.30 pm. Don't worry, Surau disediakan at the entrance.

We went back via MRT, and bus to Johor and reached there around 10.30pm. It was a great journey! I love it there..! Hope to go there soon with family..