Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ipoh - Manjung - Kg. Kuantan - Jeram

Yesterday, I went to Ipoh for a wedding..Kak Lin fetch me at Meru about 7.45am and we went to Selayang to fetch Haz & KI..We reach Ipoh at around 11.30am. Bride is still with the make up artist while the groom was not there yet...

Congrats again to my beloved Cik Nab & Paiz..

Yes, finally I met with Nawal [who had disappear since we started our honeymoon vacation].

After the wedding, we went to Manjung to visit Kak Paa house.. FINALLY I reached Manjung!'s a dream come true Kak Paa.. hehe.. :)

After that, we continue our journey to Kg. Kuantan, Kuala Selangor for a short trip to see kelip-kelip!!!! weeeeeeeee~! The night was so beautiful..the moon was beautiful yesterday and the scenery were awesome..! We paid RM10 per person including mineral water. Each sampan can carry around 4 people only.. The only thing that scares me is.....crocodile. yes. haha. It's the first time I see kelip-kelip and the first time I touch that tiny insect.. weeeee!

Then we went to Pantai Jeram to hunt for seafood!! Yes, above is Butterprawn..but I think the most delicious butterprawn ever that I had tasted was at Sarawak.

Chilly crab.

Sotong goreng tepung was the most enjoyable food we had last night. It was yummy, crunchy, soft and bigggggg!

Kepah masak cili. Had so much fun with Haz, Ki & Kak Lin..and yes, Kak Lins' red velvet cupcake was THE BEST! EVER! yummeh! We had a theme song yesterday.....Good Life by OneRepublic. Hope you too enjoy this song! :)